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The board started in about 1994 when a personal interest in space-a and the Internet met. The original version was a very simple script program that developed problems with spam in 2003. The current version has been in place since then.

Save $$$

Many people that have not taken the time to "learn the ropes" have found the information on the board has increased their success and saved them $$$!



Pepperd.com has moved!

After 7 years with the same software, it's become outdated. The developer is no longer providing updates or support for the board software.

Please take a minute to read the information you need to know to get into the new site.

The link to the new site is http://www.pepperd.com/vb/forum.php

You will need to reregister on the new site with a new userid/password.

Follow the link to this YouTube video which gives a quick walkthrough on registering for the new site.



If you are interested in accessing the old site for archive purposes, an annual donation of at least $25 gets you access which provides a wealth of space-a research data.

The link to the old site is:


You will need to bookmark this site to get to it as the old web address is now being forwarded to the new site.

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Dirk Pepperd
Dirk Pepperd's Space-a Message Board