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Please keep posts in this thread related to Space-A travel only. Please don't use the board to get people to send you advance or monthly schedules.

Discussions on the following subjects (or similar) belong in the Off Topic Forum.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

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Posting here is no longer turned onDirk Pepperd06-26-10  02:30 am
Thanks -for the help "I'm up and running" (Registered)...Rebecca Johnson06-26-10  01:20 am
Trying to get to Clarktom anderson06-25-10  07:57 pm
Let's start using the new site!John D.72 06-25-10  06:45 pm
Dover to West Coast?Phyllis DeLancey06-25-10  04:07 pm
Hawaii to Germany as Cat. 5 ?John R Garrison06-25-10  11:37 am
Travis to HickamAiled Esmeralda Garc25 06-25-10  05:33 am
Hickam to Virginia?Carole G06-24-10  11:57 pm
Lajes Field (LGS) Poster Needed dinotars06-24-10  01:30 am
Flight Poster Needed for Sigonella NAS(SIZ)dinotars06-24-10  01:25 am
CHS Currrent Weekend Reserve schuttle detailsJohn D.06-23-10  08:36 pm
ANY luck from Yokota to west coastnolan shane henson06-23-10  04:17 pm
Dover to Germany - Pax Moving?Tom Mitchell06-23-10  02:32 pm
East coast to Maxwellstephanie hayes06-23-10  01:46 pm
Alaska Bound!Brian W. LeButt06-23-10  04:34 am
I know that something is going on - butr not too sure what it is!John D.06-23-10  03:50 am
Norfolk to route?N D11 06-23-10  03:02 am
Cat III Best bets to Europe?Lynn Breckenridge06-22-10  08:52 pm
SigonellaGeorge B Johnston Jr11 06-22-10  05:00 pm
Commercial airlines near Travis?E.L.Fink06-22-10  11:35 am
Be travel readyFlying Solo +106-21-10  06:49 pm
Flights between australia citiesLane Heath06-21-10  01:02 pm
For Retirees; can you feel the summer rush from Kadena to Yokota to...Nelly 06-21-10  07:21 am
Hickam to KadenaApril Valentine06-21-10  05:59 am
East Coast to KednaCarole G06-21-10  01:16 am
Singapore to Japanremigio m. abacan06-21-10  12:25 am
CAT VI on the West Coast Patriot ExpressCurt Geiger06-20-10  07:23 pm
Old question - how may days in advace to I need to sign-up?Larry Campbell06-20-10  05:10 pm
Problem getting off at Gander Newfoundland CanadaTony Lee12 06-20-10  03:31 pm
Why so much activity at Spangdahlem?Leland 06-20-10  10:50 am
Andersen to texas or at least closeShirley Posey06-19-10  06:43 am
Hickam UpdateLynnsey 06-19-10  02:08 am
Taking the plungeMike Schukert21 06-19-10  01:12 am
Luxembourg in October.william brown06-18-10  08:40 pm
BWI FOR CAT VITony Cabrera06-18-10  07:18 pm
Reliabaility of North Island NAS to Willow Grove, PANed Madigan06-18-10  06:27 pm
PatExp open seat Souda>NorfolkBob radar06-18-10  11:00 am
Hawaii to MchordNelly 06-18-10  06:08 am
Jackson, MS to Hickam for 19 Jun......Mike06-18-10  04:24 am
Hickam Flt infojimmy06-18-10  03:00 am
Wright Patt to McConnellHugh Cannon06-18-10  02:23 am
Kunsan to Japan or SingaporeBob.B06-17-10  11:28 pm
Hickam to Travis update for Wed/Thur/FriWilliam C. Allanach06-17-10  07:49 pm
Travel from Osan Bill Mathews06-17-10  03:41 pm
Hickam or Kadena or ????Lynnsey 06-17-10  11:21 am
July 4 travelJohn D.06-17-10  05:58 am
First time trying this...Earl13 06-16-10  09:29 pm
Ramstein to Travis Nelly 06-16-10  03:31 pm
St. Croix, VIJoe Reele06-16-10  11:23 am
McChord to RamsteinCarole G06-15-10  09:53 pm
Check In, Show Time, Present, Roll Calldinotars12 06-15-10  01:56 pm
Seattle-Misawa-Yokota?James H. Coppens18 06-15-10  01:50 pm
Anyone know if there is traffic out of Geilenkirchen?Don R. Edwards06-15-10  02:26 am
Cat. 6 from Mildenhall to USA on or about the 12th of Sept.Larry Campbell06-14-10  06:53 pm
How about flying from Peterson Field on the weekends?William Dimsdale06-14-10  03:31 pm
CONUS to Europe ObservationsJames H. Coppens06-14-10  03:10 pm
Mid-Atlantic States to North or South DakotaCherry C.06-14-10  11:46 am
Question about being bumpedCherry C.06-14-10  11:36 am
The best way to get to Davis-Monthan AFB AZwilliam brown06-14-10  02:36 am
First time space-a, as active duty, any help?Dakota Ray06-13-10  09:24 pm
Sigonella NAS (SIZ) Poster Neededdinotars06-13-10  12:19 pm
Lajes Field (LGS) Poster Needed dinotars06-13-10  12:14 pm
Ramstein to Jackson in AugustJohn D.06-13-10  10:58 am
Trying to get home to Mildenhall from Eastern NCJohn R Garrison42 06-13-10  03:31 am
VA to KSBill Mathews10 06-13-10  02:17 am
Great News Re: March ARB, CA PAX TERMINALDanny Hamilton16 06-12-10  05:48 pm
Cat 6 to EuropeCherry C.17 06-12-10  11:20 am
In to New OrleansJohn D.06-12-10  04:59 am
Norfolk to Nashville, impossible?John D.10 06-12-10  04:51 am
Arrival at SpangdahlemLyle D.06-11-10  10:50 pm
Last category moved from Travis to Hickam?Lori Gill06-11-10  08:32 pm
100% Disabled Combat Vietnam VetPhil Doubleman06-11-10  01:21 pm
Manila int'l airport closed to space aed williamson29 06-11-10  11:49 am
CAT VI Rota to CharlestonSusan Riopel06-10-10  05:45 pm
Patriot Express to Reguiberto Abad06-10-10  04:09 pm
Emergency leave? flights? First timer.melissa strombelline06-10-10  03:48 pm
Complicated sign upTonya Hawkes06-10-10  12:11 pm
Forbes ANG in KansasPR06-10-10  01:53 am
First timer....Hawaii to CaliSarah06-09-10  07:54 pm
Wife TravelingMM11 06-09-10  07:42 pm
Pease AFBLeland 06-09-10  07:36 pm
Jump Seats with kidsMike Schukert06-09-10  04:32 pm
Retirees are granted dining privileges at 6 AFB'sJohn D.06-09-10  03:36 pm
Destination Gander? Flights Farther on to Europe??Truman Gillette06-09-10  01:59 pm
Space A to Ramstein In JulyCherry C.12 06-09-10  12:05 pm
Norfolk Schedule: via emailLeland 06-09-10  11:46 am
Cactus flight: schedule via emailJohn Fleming06-09-10  11:25 am
Final Destination - Boarding PassJohn D.06-09-10  03:28 am
NAS North Island Online Flight ScheduleJohn Fleming06-08-10  11:03 pm
Just a little help for an old timer (Mildenhall info)Hugh Cannon06-08-10  10:25 pm
Japan to SicilyChristi Meyer28 06-08-10  06:59 pm
Space A W/KidsAlicia W.06-08-10  06:43 pm
Space A sign up for K-BayJohn D.06-08-10  05:28 pm
Fly commercial to Travis or directly to Hawaii?Jim Hunt15 06-08-10  03:24 pm
BWI Patriot Express ScheduleJohn D.06-08-10  03:05 pm
Uh oh - No Boarding Pass!Gail Roman06-08-10  02:27 pm
Space A Travel in SeptemberBill Mathews06-08-10  02:18 pm
Naples Online ScheduleDeeDee Clarke22 06-08-10  02:50 am
Getting from Yokota to Travis in summer for retired peopleremigio m. abacan06-08-10  01:19 am
Long "Weekend" to Germany (or somewhere) william brown06-07-10  11:02 pm
First time space A flyerEmily Russell06-07-10  08:01 pm
Advice About Flights from Westover ARBMichael Johns06-07-10  09:03 am
Need Help with Ramstein to McChordAngela Broyles06-07-10  04:09 am
Signing up for multiple departures, same terminal?John R Garrison13 06-06-10  01:51 pm
Space a sign upJohn D.06-06-10  01:36 pm
Is it possible to access military computers while traveling?John D.06-06-10  09:11 am
NAS Jax - NAS Key West - Shannon, IrelandRoger Curry06-06-10  12:44 am
San Diego - Charleston, SC - San DiegoCherry C.12 06-06-10  12:04 am
When do I sign up for return flight?Cherry C.06-06-10  12:00 am
PTDY-to-Terminal LV Sign-up QueryJohn D.10 06-05-10  06:15 pm
BWI-Jax-Gitmo-Jax-BWI RotatorLeland 06-05-10  01:16 am
Family of 5 East Coast to Europe end of JuneAllison Elkins20 06-04-10  08:28 pm
Homestead ARB reserve shuttle from CHSwilliam e o'dell06-04-10  11:27 am
New to Space A - Traveling Unaccompanied w/childrenHeather Rockel19 06-04-10  09:13 am
Correct email address for Space A sign up at SigonellaCarole G06-04-10  03:43 am
Handicapped AccessibilityCherry C.06-03-10  11:51 pm
Jackson & CharlestonStan Holling06-03-10  08:41 pm
Best way to get to Ireland from Westover?Geoffrey William McC06-03-10  07:22 pm
Space A USA to ColombiaManuel Eduardo Santo06-03-10  03:46 pm
Trying to get to Ramstein from MDdinotars06-03-10  02:25 pm
Flights to Nashville or Knoxville?Cherry C.06-03-10  11:06 am
Richmond RAAF Sydney AustraliaJohn D.06-03-10  03:44 am
Priority seating?JARED JOHNSON06-02-10  10:14 pm
Flight Posting for NAS Key West, FLLindsey Bullock06-02-10  07:17 pm
Space A signup origination pointWillard Lang14 06-02-10  04:10 pm
FL (hopefully NAS Jax) to HickamJohn R Garrison06-02-10  03:48 pm
Acroyms with flight designationsEdwin B McConville06-02-10  03:04 pm
Poster Needed for Sigonella NAS (SIZ)dinotars06-02-10  12:39 pm
AIR TERMINAL/BASE ADDRESSESBill Mathews06-02-10  02:23 am
Noise level on planesNick Fuhs12 06-02-10  12:57 am
Fewer space A seats ?Roger Curry06-02-10  12:14 am
Time of Posting?John D.06-01-10  04:07 pm
Spang-CharlestonFlying Solo +106-01-10  12:11 pm
McGuire AFB (WRI) Poster Neededdinotars06-01-10  11:47 am
Take-a-hopChaplaingil14 06-01-10  11:06 am
Trouble sending Space A email sign-up to Moron/Naples?Richard Ousey13 06-01-10  11:05 am
Subject Lines in the ForumsPR05-31-10  07:53 pm
From DC to PIBill Mathews05-31-10  05:33 pm
First Space A TripMike Schukert05-31-10  03:40 pm
Anyone in Charleston?E.L.Fink05-31-10  12:36 pm
SEATAC to KoreaDrueAnna Newman05-31-10  01:26 am
Things taken for grantedTom DeMicke13 05-30-10  07:10 am
Flights to ShannonJohn D.11 05-30-10  06:29 am
30 pound bag - clarificationJohn D.05-29-10  08:15 pm
Norfolk to/from San DiegoRichard Seriani05-29-10  07:22 pm
Manifested throughJohn R Garrison05-29-10  07:04 pm
Space-A SignupJohn D.05-29-10  06:21 pm
Hickam to Travis and back, mid-June, first timer?Carole G05-29-10  05:59 pm
OSA Schedule?JARED JOHNSON05-29-10  02:01 pm
Scott AFB reporting "Monday" June 1? Monday is May 31.Rebecca Johnson05-29-10  11:29 am
East coast- Hawaii in the SummerTonya Hawkes11 05-28-10  10:53 pm
Hawaii to Yokota summer kristine 05-28-10  08:56 pm
CatVI to McChord around Memorial Day Weekend?Bob radar05-27-10  11:48 pm
Sigonella schedule today - Is that Talinn Estonia?Bob Dart05-27-10  10:46 pm
FLTS TO ROTAE.L.Fink10 05-27-10  09:18 pm
McChord to HawaiiJohn R Garrison05-27-10  07:12 pm
Travis to HawaiiShannon Marone20 05-27-10  07:08 pm
Ramstein to BWI in JuneMike Schukert13 05-27-10  02:08 pm
Hickam to Travis on Thurs 5/27?William Standage05-27-10  04:03 am
Navy C 9 to HIRoger Curry24 05-26-10  07:47 pm
Bumped Enroute - The Rules?dinotars17 05-26-10  06:03 pm
Does Miramar have frequent hops to Scott AFB?William Standage14 05-26-10  02:47 pm
Saturday's PatExDon Schreiber05-26-10  02:16 pm
Unusual destinations from BWIGeorge Downer05-25-10  08:51 pm
DC to LondonxLoadmaster,M.Lewis05-25-10  04:46 pm
Need some helpBailey in SoCal10 05-25-10  01:51 pm
Travel from AFB in MichiganBob radar15 05-25-10  01:03 pm
Alabama to Los AngelesLarry H. McKinnon12 05-24-10  11:33 pm
Military flights to Sea-Tac Pat. Ex?Carole G11 05-24-10  08:50 pm
New Space A Traveler!!!Bob radar12 05-24-10  08:30 pm
Rookie questionsJohn D.05-24-10  05:29 pm
How to keep from losing original signup date?William Standage05-24-10  03:33 pm
Help with first time space aPaul B.05-24-10  01:45 pm
Does zero seats mean zero?Jack_h16 05-24-10  12:15 pm
K-bayJohn D.05-23-10  03:10 pm
BWI-Jax-Gitmo-Jax-BWI RotatorLee Russler05-23-10  12:16 pm
Space A to Kirtland AFB, New Mexico Cherry C.05-23-10  10:32 am
SingaporeCarole G05-22-10  07:51 pm
Obtaining Space A at civilian airportsJohn R Garrison05-22-10  06:40 pm
Space-A attempt Scott AFB to Augusta, GAsteve mccoy05-22-10  02:46 pm
Flight posting symbolsJoe Lippo05-22-10  02:10 pm
DD Form 2131 (Passenger Manifest)Richard L. Leitch05-22-10  12:54 pm
Need poster for Pope & Seymour-JohnsonRoger Odiorne05-22-10  11:42 am
From Okinawa to CaliforniaMike Schukert05-21-10  10:16 pm
Trying to get to Texas..HELP.Mike Schukert12 05-21-10  09:50 pm
Need new volunteer poster for Whidbey IslandJohn David Brooks05-21-10  08:45 pm
Poster Needed for Whidbey Island NAS(NUW)dinotars05-21-10  08:06 pm
Space A to and from Willow Grove Reserve BaseJim Hunt05-21-10  05:05 pm
Space A from charleston to mildenhallKen Coates05-21-10  12:11 am
BWI Area to Simi Valley, CAMike Schukert05-20-10  09:58 pm
Nellis to East Coast destination Ohio/West virginiaMike Schukert05-20-10  09:46 pm
Patriot Express Sea-Tac SeatsEdward J Wright05-20-10  06:54 pm
Central or South America?Mike05-20-10  12:24 pm
Clarification needed for Hawaii & Conus travel please.William Standage05-19-10  03:08 pm
Andrews AFB to Belgium? (Thurs. 5/20)Brian T. Edwards05-19-10  01:16 pm
Misawa TravelLeland 05-19-10  01:03 pm
Cat-VI Anniversary Trip to Spain this SummerDoug Taylor05-19-10  12:34 pm
Christmas Space-A O/Conus to OSAlisha D Powell05-19-10  08:50 am
700 pounds of baggage!!!Alisha D Powell23 05-19-10  08:42 am
Attention all Board membersTom DeMicke23 05-19-10  06:21 am
Rota pax terminal now WIFI enabledTony Cabrera05-18-10  03:34 pm
Flight Poster for Mildenhall RAF (MHZ)dinotars05-18-10  10:45 am
Connecting SchedulesLeland 05-17-10  03:58 pm
Going to ParisJohn D.05-17-10  03:57 pm
Help needed in spangEdgar Inocentes05-17-10  03:56 pm
Recent Article on Space-A TravelJohn David Brooks05-17-10  01:34 am
Dover or Charleston?FHYL05-17-10  12:45 am
Andrews MedivacMike05-16-10  01:26 pm
Texas to Oregon July/Augustsara Hoffman05-16-10  12:05 am
Google Earth and Space A POIs Ver7Denny Knott05-15-10  09:56 pm
Aviano-Naples?Carole G05-15-10  07:36 pm
Race Weekend in DoverPhyllis DeLancey05-15-10  12:41 am
Getting out of Richmond AustrailiaThomas Muir05-14-10  09:48 pm
Can dependents accompany a PTDY (Cat V, not house hunting) sponsor?...John D.05-14-10  07:43 pm
My Operation Deep FreezeAlistair Howard05-14-10  05:14 am
Another command sponsor letter questionJohn D.15 05-14-10  03:38 am
Travis to UK?William Standage05-13-10  04:28 pm
Andrews AFB Joint Services Open House this weekendCherry C.05-13-10  10:50 am
Dining Facility AvailabilityJohn D.55 05-13-10  03:43 am
Naples NSA (NAP) Flight PosterTom Jackson05-12-10  10:39 pm
Dependent Space A travelJohn D.11 05-12-10  03:39 pm
Lajes Field (LGS) Posterdinotars05-12-10  12:20 pm
Google Earth MapBob Dart16 05-12-10  08:24 am
Ramstein to texastim duncan11 05-12-10  05:05 am
McChord to and from Californiadgonzalez05-12-10  02:29 am
Best way to get back to SpandalahemMarita Marcano05-11-10  07:52 pm
Cat VI to UK in July - Impossible?Cherry C.05-11-10  12:28 pm
Hickham to East CoastCherry C.05-11-10  11:59 am
Volcanic ash cloud-- MayJohn D.05-10-10  06:27 pm
Moron SpainEdgar Inocentes05-10-10  03:03 pm
Still trying to get comfortableJohn20 05-10-10  02:42 pm
Can I start travel Cat III with sponsor, and return Cat V without?John D.05-10-10  02:36 pm
New Flight Poster for Clark Field (CRK), PhilippinesLane Heath05-10-10  12:10 pm
C40 Passenger CabinBob Dart21 05-10-10  11:08 am
Singapore??Marea B25 05-10-10  01:38 am
Any information on dep. emergency flights?Dave Nosek05-09-10  07:00 pm
Going to UK, should I "sign up" at RMS/Spang?Paul B.05-09-10  02:55 pm
Space A From Ramstein To Charleston in Late Mayk wendelken05-09-10  10:29 am
From Dover to BWI . . ? Max Hoffa05-09-10  10:00 am
Need suggestions for traveling to Australia this summerJudy Osborne12 05-08-10  10:45 pm
Cat I- from tinker afb to march afbBill Mathews05-08-10  09:03 pm
Croatia/Italy trip report soonAllan Hewitt05-08-10  06:43 pm
Magnifying GlassJohn D.05-08-10  04:00 pm
CAT VI Travis to Kadena in June John R Garrison05-08-10  01:35 pm
Cat-VI first SPAT: WRI-CHS-WRIElaine G05-08-10  12:37 pm
Dallas Naval Air StationTR05-08-10  11:41 am
Ramstein BWIRichard Troy05-08-10  10:32 am
Kadena to Florida, any help appreciatedWilliam Standage05-08-10  06:46 am
Which bases fly to Korea?Edgar Inocentes05-07-10  08:10 pm
Travis to Germany Next Week (May)John D.14 05-07-10  08:01 pm
Unusual Space Available Locations in Asia - Can We Go Space A To Th...Mike W05-06-10  11:43 pm
Ramstein-RotaBob radar05-06-10  11:23 pm
Spacea out of singaporeEDGAR A. BARTLES15 05-06-10  06:44 pm
Planning to fly nc to caRoy Day12 05-06-10  02:01 pm
Need help keeping orig sign up dateHale Lait11 05-06-10  01:42 pm
Lajes Field (LGS)dinotars05-06-10  01:39 am
June travel from YokotaJohn R Garrison05-05-10  01:47 pm
Space-a into and out of Jackson, MissFHYL17 05-05-10  01:35 pm
Spangdahlem to Mindenhallwilliam brown05-05-10  10:27 am
USAF employee deploying downrange--dependant travel?Kristen Burzumato15 05-05-10  08:03 am
Outgoing BWIBrian T. Edwards05-04-10  09:29 pm
Flights to NAS Norfolk, VA Bob radar05-04-10  01:51 pm
Attempting Germany in AugustJdDallas11 05-04-10  12:43 am
No flights for McGhee TysonJason C. Miller05-03-10  11:24 pm
First time space a traveler w/ 1mth old baby unacompaniedMike Schukert14 05-03-10  09:49 pm
Travis to San AntonioMelinda Birck05-03-10  08:20 pm
Charlotte NC Space Awalter j wise jr11 05-03-10  03:32 pm
Military R&R Contract Flights Other than Patriot ExpressBob Dart15 05-03-10  02:06 pm
Best chance for DC area to ND and back in early June 2010?dinotars05-02-10  11:37 pm
Ft. Campbelle KYSheila Dunn05-02-10  10:59 pm
Trying to get home to Mildenhall!Chuck D20 05-02-10  10:18 pm
Donaldson Center SC.John B05-02-10  03:58 pm
Patriot Express fly on Memorial Day?Larrissa Roach05-01-10  11:01 pm
Shaw AFB South CarolinaRon Glancy12 05-01-10  10:46 pm
Revisiting a Potential Trip from Germany to East Coast or Mid-WestGySgt Dennis D.05-01-10  10:44 pm
Inability to read Space A Trip ReportsBill Terry15 05-01-10  03:43 pm
Yakota PostingsTimothy F. Donohue05-01-10  12:08 pm
Best Departure Point for RotaThomas Laws05-01-10  11:04 am
Aviano AB(AVB)dinotars05-01-10  02:35 am
Patriot Express Fee?shannon whitaker05-01-10  12:25 am
Dobbins GAKelly Ausburn04-30-10  12:04 pm
Davis-MonthanThomas Muir04-29-10  02:21 pm
Yokota to Floridacrystalkei04-28-10  10:49 pm
Best starting point to return to GermanyIrwin Rovner04-28-10  04:24 pm
SEATAC seatsTimothy F. Donohue17 04-28-10  01:11 am
Flights from KoreaJames Sereyko04-27-10  08:42 pm
Is it permitted to fly space-a with a pace maker?Inga Aleman12 04-27-10  12:57 pm
McChord boundDavid Haynes04-27-10  12:38 pm
Washington DC to Hawaii and Back?Cherry C.10 04-27-10  12:26 pm
Rota fltsD.B.M UK04-27-10  11:00 am
Flight Posting Roster (4/13/2010)dinotars04-27-10  01:23 am
Multiple names on sign-upD.B.M UK04-26-10  07:05 pm
McChord AFB to Elmendorf AFBJessica 04-26-10  04:33 pm
Germany From CharlestonJames H. Coppens04-26-10  03:55 am
Okinawa points of entry for spacea travelEDGAR A. BARTLES04-26-10  02:37 am
Stuck at ElmendorfMike Pine13 04-26-10  12:22 am
Space A with small children to Germany - New to Spacekelig neal17 04-25-10  04:06 pm
Everyone Please Read - Profiles and PostingsJohn D.04-25-10  03:23 pm
Lajes Field (LGS)dinotars04-25-10  02:46 pm
Germany to RotaD.B.M UK04-25-10  06:12 am
MildenhallKristen Germann04-25-10  01:56 am
West coast to Osan and Guam in MayBruce Heinzen04-25-10  01:45 am
Space A to Philippines HelpLarry W. Carnes04-25-10  12:31 am
Best bases for arrival/departure of EuropeJohn R Garrison04-24-10  07:17 pm
"Need Advice on New Jersey to South California between June 14-20 r...Ed K.04-24-10  12:00 am
Stuck with VolcanoBob radar04-23-10  09:08 pm
East Coast to the NW in JulyLeland 04-23-10  06:55 pm
Things are not good at DoverMary Coleman04-23-10  06:45 pm
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