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Posting is disabled here, please see new site for current into....Dirk Pepperd06-26-10  02:51 am
Gander, NewfoundlandTony Lee06-25-10  09:15 am
Yokota to ElmendorfLester Green06-24-10  06:19 pm
East Coast to Belgium, Luxembourg & HollandLisa Damiano06-23-10  04:57 pm
Andrews to YokotaCarole G06-23-10  01:39 am
McGuire to Ramsteinbilly j billingsley06-22-10  04:44 pm
140 seats to OsanPhyllis DeLancey26 06-21-10  04:37 pm
Travis to Europe (including info on New Ramstein Inn)Christi Meyer15 06-21-10  04:34 pm
Norfolk to NaplesJustine 06-21-10  04:24 pm
Spring Break Attempted Germany Tripluna07lucy@hotmail.c16 06-21-10  03:42 pm
Alaska & Hawaii both within 4 weeks!Anthony W Wojcik06-18-10  02:34 am
Norfolk to NaplesHoward Eastlack06-17-10  08:21 pm
Virginia to Paris and back againIrwin Rovner11 06-17-10  01:43 pm
New blog site started for trip reportsjimmy06-16-10  03:53 pm
Pre-Terminal Leave Trip to Paris and Rome.John R Garrison06-16-10  03:42 pm
Hawaii to California - Part IJohn R Garrison06-16-10  01:45 pm
Jax Fl ~~~ to CaliforniaHoward Eastlack06-14-10  06:00 pm
Spanish Trip Report, part 1E.L.Fink06-14-10  02:43 pm
Mcguire to philippinesLarry W. Carnes06-13-10  10:14 pm
A Deluxe Space-A Ride -- on a C-17??Barry Cantor12 06-12-10  03:48 pm
Yokota to Guam with a few steps in betweenJack Wanless 06-11-10  06:45 pm
Humanitarian Mission to MainzJames H. Coppens06-10-10  02:27 pm
I'm At RamsteinLarry W. Carnes06-09-10  05:56 pm
Ralph and Barbara's fabulous adventure to Germany, Croatia, and Ita... William Yates06-09-10  05:19 pm
Spanish Trip Report, part 2E.L.Fink06-09-10  03:14 am
Puerto Rico Spain Puerto Rico (by Tony Cabrera)E.L.Fink06-06-10  07:46 pm
10-27 May - Charleston to Italy via Planes, Trains, Boats & Busses!...Danny Hamilton10 06-05-10  03:37 am
Alaska- 7 adults and a toddlerAmy S06-05-10  03:21 am
Trip report testCherry C.06-02-10  10:18 pm
Sigonella to McGuire to NorfolkCarole G06-02-10  04:49 pm
Travis-Shaw-Charleston-Norfolk-McGuire-Travissteve mccoy05-31-10  04:14 pm
Space A to Hickam and we made it!Melissa10 05-31-10  06:44 am
Trip to see sons in HI & UT.Lester Green12 05-30-10  09:18 pm
Pittsburgh to MacDilldCarole G05-30-10  05:12 pm
Norfolk to Coronado and ReturnJohn R Garrison05-30-10  01:48 pm
I Shall Return! - (to the Philippines that is) (last part)...Roger T. Evans05-28-10  12:55 pm
Spangdahlem>Charleston-The Returnk wendelken05-27-10  04:39 pm
Ft Worth to Elmendorf er...Whidbey IslandPhil Doubleman10 05-26-10  03:01 pm
I Shall Return! - (to the Philippines that is) (Pt. II)...Roger T. Evans05-24-10  01:27 pm
First SpaceA flight to YakotaLester Green18 05-24-10  02:28 am
Spangdahlem>Charlestonbilly j billingsley05-20-10  06:25 pm
Quick Trip to GermanyEileen F. Willms05-19-10  08:58 pm
I Shall Return! - (to the Philippines that is)Roger T. Evans05-17-10  09:21 pm
4 Days in DoverJohn D.13 05-15-10  05:27 pm
Vs. Volcano - McGuire-Germany/Italy-NorfolkTom McKnight05-13-10  01:30 am
Plan A, all the wayJohn Slater05-12-10  07:36 pm
Charleston -> Ramstein , then Spangdahlem -> Charleston in April...John R Garrison05-12-10  06:54 pm
Chas>Moron then Rota> home Great tripWilliam Murry Brown05-12-10  12:36 am
Mildenhall to Grand Forks to MemphisDavid05-12-10  12:01 am
First time spacea Clark IAP to US east coastTom DeMicke05-11-10  07:03 am
Our First Attempt at Space ARobert F McNally05-10-10  04:53 pm
Cruise to London and Mildenhall visitDarrell F. Snook10 05-10-10  03:08 pm
Souda Bay adventureBob radar30 05-10-10  03:00 am
Eastern NC to Steamboat Springs Co. Part 2xLoadmaster,M.Lewis05-08-10  11:49 am
Jackson, Miss to EuropeJohn D.05-07-10  12:38 pm
Another Successful BWI-RMS-BWI SojournRichard Troy05-01-10  12:04 pm
BWI to RamsteinRebecca Vernon18 04-29-10  11:16 pm
First Space-A Trip McChord to North IslandDan Tracy04-29-10  06:25 pm
Dover-> Ramstein-> Aviano-> Ramstein-> BWIWes Loukota04-29-10  12:27 pm
SeaTac to Misawa PatExMaureen E. Brown04-28-10  10:40 pm
Ton SicilyTed Lamb04-28-10  12:35 am
San Diego to Ireland & Italy - Part III (End)Michael F. Kenny04-27-10  06:00 pm
Typhoon Tom DeMicke's Trip Report Okinawa - Germany - OkinawaRICHARD GARBE14 04-26-10  07:38 pm
McChord to SigonellaEdgar Inocentes04-22-10  04:53 pm
Eastern NC to Steamboat Springs CO part 1William Dimsdale04-22-10  01:25 pm
McChord to KadenaWilliam Standage20 04-21-10  09:29 am
McGhee Tyson (Knoxville TN) to CaliforniaHugh Cannon04-21-10  02:28 am
California to Hickam, and back to the East CoastRANDY J LOWERY12 04-17-10  08:41 pm
Norfolk-Sigonella-Rota-NorfolkD.B.M UK04-15-10  04:35 pm
San Diego to Ireland & Italy - Part IIMichael F. Kenny04-15-10  04:07 pm
San Diego to Ireland & Italy - Part 1Michael F. Kenny04-15-10  03:34 pm
Puerto Rico to Rota, Spain and Backevans robinson12 04-14-10  06:02 am
Asia to Conus; unaccompanied with toddlers Cat IV Edgar Inocentes10 04-08-10  04:13 pm
Norfolk to Point Mugusandi04-07-10  04:47 am
Seattle to Singaporegreg mooney23 04-06-10  12:29 am
McChord to RamsteinJohn R Garrison04-05-10  02:34 pm
Clark to Seattle - Seven DaysLarry W. Carnes11 04-03-10  05:21 pm
Norfolk to Portugal via Rota (Part III at last)Jim Elsnau04-03-10  04:16 pm
First Space A Adventure---10, 313 miles and they were not frequent ...Carole G04-01-10  05:42 am
Norfolk to Portugal via Rota (Part II--get a cup of coffee!)Lester Green03-31-10  02:10 am
Travis to East Coast, South Coast and Back RedoLeland 03-30-10  06:57 pm
Norfolk to Portugal via Rota (Part I)Paul S. Bolen03-27-10  11:24 pm
An Adventure to New Zealand - Part 3Harold J. Saling, Jr03-27-10  02:20 pm
Space-a trip through Europealan k. fry03-22-10  06:59 pm
An Adventure to New Zealand - Part 2Harold J. Saling, Jr03-22-10  02:43 pm
Dover-Milldenhall and Ramstein-Charleston-AndrewsLee Butler03-21-10  01:29 am
An Adventure to New Zealand - Part 1Pat G03-21-10  01:04 am
San Diego to Anywhere in Asia.Edgar Inocentes17 03-19-10  05:52 pm
Willow Grove. PA to TucsonNicholas Fuhs03-19-10  03:57 pm
Boston - Hawaii and Back the Easy WayEarl03-19-10  12:12 am
Jackson/Andrews/RamsteinMartha Fralia 03-17-10  07:57 pm
Japan to Texas and back againEdgar Inocentes03-17-10  05:20 pm
Rota March 2010 - finalJim Elsnau12 03-17-10  01:14 am
Rota-March 2010neil littlefield03-12-10  04:56 am
McChord to Hill & returnWilliam Standage03-09-10  06:32 pm
Fort Worth- BFB-Ft.WorthPhyllis DeLancey22 03-07-10  02:47 pm
4 people, Cat 5 from Atsugi to Guam Crystal Culp03-07-10  04:39 am
Unaccompanied with a baby: Sigonella-Norfolk-SigonellaKaren Yan03-05-10  01:49 am
Charleston to Ramstein (not really)John D.03-03-10  03:54 am
CT to S. CalKatie Daily03-01-10  12:20 am
Fl to HiJohn D.13 02-28-10  12:20 am
Indy - BFB - IndyJerry Gonya02-26-10  12:24 am
Fort Stewart to RMS to Ireland and back part 1James E. Kale02-25-10  12:32 pm
California and back eastMary Broussard02-25-10  02:19 am
Charleston > BFB > Charleston (A piece of cake this year)...Ron Glancy02-21-10  10:50 am
Scott-Travis-HawaiiBob Dart02-20-10  04:10 pm
Pittsburgh to HickamKaren Yan02-20-10  11:53 am
Ohio to LasVegasBob Dart02-19-10  01:46 am
Las Cruces - BFB - Las CrucesPhil Doubleman02-17-10  01:47 am
BWI-Lajes-DoverLane Heath14 02-14-10  08:04 pm
Ramstein to McChordTed_M02-09-10  09:13 pm
Mildenhall-McGuireJerry Monaghan02-08-10  08:44 pm
Dover>Rota>McGuire>Dover JAN-FEB 2010Earl12 02-07-10  03:04 pm
Clark/Angeles City-Manila-Clark-KadenaLarry W. Carnes02-04-10  07:05 pm
Mildenhall to TravisBrooke Dale01-31-10  08:23 pm
Jacksonville-Norfolk-North IslandJohn D.01-30-10  05:33 pm
Travis-Rota-Souda-Naples-Vicenza-Landstuhl/RamsteinDanny Hamilton01-29-10  05:48 pm
Kansas to LondonD.B.M UK11 01-29-10  04:51 pm
El Paso to PhilippinesLarry W. Carnes01-26-10  06:16 am
Ramstein to Texas during Christmas rushAndrea P.01-25-10  08:01 pm
Unaccompanied with Minors from RAB (Ramstein) to CaliforniaCharolette Shepherd01-25-10  11:45 am
Okinawa to Cambodia and ThailandTimothy K. Stacks01-23-10  01:42 pm
Sigonella - Rota -the air- Rota -stuck for 2 days -SigonellaEarl01-22-10  10:55 pm
PUEBLO INGLES 11/13/09-11/20/09Karen Yan26 01-21-10  12:04 pm
T'is the Season of Space-a FollyAllison Krug21 01-20-10  10:50 pm
Pittsburgh to Davis Monthan (Tuscom, AZ)Leland 18 01-20-10  08:21 pm
First Time trip to Ramstein via Charleston-Andrews-BWI, with a quic...Earl MacKenzie01-19-10  12:48 am
Oahu to Kansas Part IIIRB01-18-10  05:24 pm
Kansas to Oahu Part IICherie Schenker01-16-10  07:16 pm
Savannah-Charleston-Andrews-Baltimoredinotars01-16-10  05:02 pm
Two months in Europe by trainLester Green15 01-15-10  10:54 pm
McChord-Ramstein-McChord in 6 days (Cat. VI) !Edgar Inocentes01-12-10  02:04 pm
Ramstein-Mildenhall-FairchildD.B.M UK10 01-12-10  06:21 am
Christmas Leave: NAS JAX to NAS OCEANA - LANGLEY AFB to NAS JAX via...D.B.M UK01-10-10  06:51 pm
First Germany Trip Pt 3: McChord-Ramstein-McChordJohn McClellan01-07-10  01:47 pm
Kansas to Oahu Part IEdgar Inocentes01-06-10  03:27 pm
Sig - Westover -Norfolk - Naples - SigRob-N-sig12-31-09  11:22 pm
Niagara Falls - MacDill & returnRoger Johnson10 12-30-09  02:37 pm
Christmas Market in PragueJohn Anthony Ross12-30-09  12:11 pm
McGuire-Travis-Misawa-Yokota-Singapore-Manila Part 1James H. Coppens12-27-09  09:04 am
McChord to Hill & returnTom Goins12-27-09  06:43 am
Rota, Seville, Granada from WP this summer! as CAT VIDan C Meyer12 12-26-09  05:58 pm
McGuire-Travis-Misawa-Yokota-Singapore-Manila, Nov 22-Dec 4 Part 3James H. Coppens12-24-09  04:23 am
McGuire-Travis-Misawa-Yokota-Singapore-Manila, Nov 22-Dec 4 Part 2James H. Coppens12-23-09  12:40 am
From NAS Oceana to NSA Souda BayJack T. Paxton12 12-22-09  07:57 pm
Lew Wirfs, my last trip report with musingsJack T. Paxton15 12-22-09  07:48 pm
Dover to Ramstein and on to Amsterdam and Parispatrick schultea12-21-09  01:00 am
First Germany Trip: McChord-Ramstein-McChord (Pt 2) Chris Schaede12-20-09  01:22 am
Charleston to Colorado SpringsRon Glancy12-16-09  12:31 pm
Christmas Markets in EuropeThomas Laws15 12-15-09  02:19 pm
The Return Trip - Kadena to Charleston (almost)John McClellan12-14-09  03:30 pm
Our 1st space a trip!Dorothy Howell12-12-09  07:29 pm
1st space a trip to Mainland from KaneohePhyllis DeLancey12-10-09  08:37 pm
Pittsburgh to St Croixpaul dervin24 12-08-09  07:50 pm
Charleston to Madrid & Back - Part 3patrick schultea12-07-09  02:34 am
Elmendorf to OsanJohn McClellan12-02-09  12:01 pm
Hickam to TampaJohn R Garrison12-01-09  05:48 pm
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