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posting here is no longer turned on!...Dirk Pepperd06-26-10  02:28 am
Email from Dirk, Sale?Dirk Pepperd06-26-10  02:09 am
Getting to the Edelweiss Lodge Robert V Jones06-25-10  11:17 pm
Help with hotel name in St Louis D.W.06-25-10  02:23 am
Passing of Don Miller's MotherDakota Ray27 06-24-10  10:04 pm
Question for U. S. Coin CollectorsJames06-24-10  03:53 pm
Hawaii vacation helpCarole G52 06-23-10  11:54 pm
Sugar Grove, WV Housing open to military retireesJohn David Brooks06-23-10  05:19 pm
Questions about new webJohn D.06-23-10  04:10 pm
Let's start posting to the new board!John D.40 06-23-10  03:57 pm
Any info on Pt. MuguAnne L Evans14 06-22-10  10:24 pm
Any Advice on Finances While Traveling in Europe?Alan H. Sherman19 06-22-10  08:33 am
Shopped BX for Tires or Batteries latelyDave Nosek16 06-22-10  02:42 am
Veteran Friendly Lodging Near Glacier National ParkMike Schukert10 06-21-10  12:44 pm
Any info on the person that runs the Mildenhall Club?Larry Campbell06-20-10  06:57 pm
Our Travel BlogLeland 06-20-10  01:45 pm
Retirees Using Patrick AFB Dining HallJim Hunt15 06-20-10  01:52 am
Jackson Hole, Wy.daniel w. mcmahon06-20-10  12:05 am
Tourists in Italy warned of scamsLester Green06-19-10  02:55 pm
Just a head's upMitch Padilla36 06-19-10  01:57 pm
Foreign Language Institute web siteCherry C.06-19-10  11:42 am
Off-base lodging near LivornoMelinda Cardarelli06-18-10  04:01 pm
Recommendations for Lodging in VietnamMeryl B.06-18-10  11:13 am
1944 Aussie-made wooden "Mosquito"Dave Nosek06-18-10  04:00 am
ArchivesDirk Pepperd06-18-10  12:26 am
Gateway GALLEY Rota, Spain open weekendsPhyllis DeLancey11 06-17-10  08:45 pm
CU/Bank Phone Scam ALERTed williamson06-17-10  08:19 pm
Travel in Europe - Seat 61Kirsty Brown06-17-10  08:40 am
St. Croix, VI Denny Knott06-17-10  03:44 am
Ordering Glasses On LineHorace K.B. Steven, 10 06-17-10  01:29 am
Donations to this siteDirk Pepperd06-17-10  01:02 am
Schools out on all Japan bases!!James Simons06-16-10  11:55 pm
MacDill AFB Nabs Would-Be Terrorists!Jim Hunt10 06-16-10  10:42 pm
Commercial Air - Rota or Ramstein to England?Nelly 06-16-10  09:24 pm
Space A Gray Area Retiree Billdinotars06-16-10  04:52 pm
PUEBLO INGLES. . . . . .AGAINTony Cabrera06-16-10  04:34 pm
Words Associated with Only One Branch of the MilitaryJeffrey G. Carlen127 06-16-10  03:02 am
A tale of a Navy ChiefEdgar Inocentes13 06-14-10  07:43 pm
Flag Day 2010Dan B-McC06-14-10  03:44 pm
NEX at Moron AB, SpainDanny Hamilton13 06-14-10  12:24 pm
Pack light AND bring a sleeping bag??Inga Aleman06-14-10  10:39 am
Hawaii JunkeesMike Spengel06-14-10  04:34 am
Reminder - Off Topic Forum - Refrain from Political-related discuss...John D.06-13-10  03:56 am
Dover areaPhyllis DeLancey06-13-10  02:44 am
Attention Medicare RecipientsBob-Cat VI10 06-13-10  02:15 am
Good news for once about the EUROL Greer11 06-12-10  10:26 pm
Long Beach Jazz Festival Aug 2010m gordon06-12-10  07:12 pm
Inside a can of "Whoop A-s"Wayne Reed06-12-10  06:30 pm
Space-A For 100% Disabled VetsMM32 06-12-10  01:08 pm
TRICARE?Al Lo Cascio12 06-12-10  12:30 pm
Message for Ed WilliamsJohn D.06-12-10  05:12 am
SEATTLE ..MISAWA Japan....OSAN KoreaWalt in Tacoma WA.06-12-10  02:38 am
Watch the 2010 World Cup onlineMike Engelmann06-11-10  03:03 pm
Discount on annual pass to Florida state parksCherry C.06-11-10  12:05 pm
HUGE Kudos to Guam USOPaul Allen06-11-10  02:51 am
The Falling EuroBill Terry11 06-11-10  01:37 am
Passion Play 2010Lindsey Bullock06-10-10  07:07 pm
Tricare PlusDakota Ray06-10-10  01:54 am
WWII Aircraft Operations -- in true colorCherry C.06-09-10  11:20 pm
Veterns advantageJohn B06-09-10  03:10 pm
Airline ticketsConusvet10 06-09-10  12:47 pm
Base Access to RotaE.L.Fink06-09-10  03:40 am
Packing TipsAlan H. Sherman24 06-08-10  06:52 pm
Captain Midnight decoder ringDave Nosek06-08-10  05:16 pm
Getting Money OverseasJohn W. Hardink06-08-10  03:34 pm
HOW Can I Post a Long Trip Report?Danny Hamilton18 06-08-10  10:26 am
Slide show of Seville, SpainEarl06-07-10  08:11 pm
Ramstein/Spang to HahnGeoffrey William McC10 06-07-10  03:41 pm
Train Travel in JapanGeoffrey William McC06-06-10  04:07 pm
June 6 D-DayTommy Towery06-06-10  04:04 am
Greece AdvisoryLarry W. Carnes06-06-10  12:04 am
How does a non military person pick up on base?John D.13 06-05-10  08:14 pm
Discount at chikfilaJt06-05-10  04:30 pm
Disney extends military special ratesAmy S06-05-10  03:38 pm
New poster needed for Sigonellaken lamont11 06-05-10  12:38 pm
Alaska- 7 adults and a toddlerRichard Krakauer06-05-10  12:44 am
Costa RicaMark Earl Bennett Sr06-04-10  12:46 am
Fiscal YearCarole G06-03-10  09:47 pm
Hong Can I Post a Long Trip Report?Danny Hamilton06-03-10  08:06 pm
Test for Retirees to use Dining Facilities at six bases - Travis is...TOM23 06-03-10  06:36 pm
Where did the hearing aid thread go ?Bob M19 06-03-10  11:35 am
Car rental discount codesDakota Ray06-03-10  02:29 am
Another tradition soon going away....Chuck F33 06-02-10  11:14 pm
Honolulu, VJ Day, August 1945Carole G06-02-10  09:17 pm
Burger King has re-opened at SigonellaRob-N-sig06-02-10  10:06 am
Slide Shows of Military Museums and NormandyTom McKnight06-02-10  01:04 am
Traveling with a Green CardGary J. Roberts10 06-01-10  08:37 pm
B-25's and remaining Doolittle Raiders at AF MuseumBob Dart06-01-10  12:05 am
Memorial Day 2010Phyllis DeLancey05-31-10  02:44 pm
Free admission for military and retiredCherry C.05-31-10  11:19 am
Military discounts for retireesKaren Yan05-31-10  08:08 am
Delays to/from/in Europe from Volcanic AshDanny Hamilton85 05-30-10  09:27 pm
New USO At EglinPhyllis DeLancey05-30-10  06:13 pm
MOAA Article on SpaceA Travel:Jack T. Paxton05-29-10  08:40 pm
Help with what to do in San Francisco 4-8 JuneRob-N-sig19 05-29-10  07:13 pm
McChord to require vehicle decalsDavid Haynes29 05-29-10  12:06 pm
AFVCJoan05-29-10  12:30 am
What's Great About This BoardRoger Curry05-28-10  07:48 pm
Man shot & killed while trying to leave MacDill AFB last night.Jan 21 05-28-10  03:12 pm
Wife and two kids in Salt Lake CityJason Abernathy05-27-10  07:00 pm
$669 & up -- Fly to Australia from across the USDakota Ray05-26-10  11:00 pm
MISAWA Japan and SU-WON Korea (Patriot Exp)Edgar Inocentes05-26-10  02:21 pm
SEATAC Patriot Expess (KOREA CHANGE)Walt in Tacoma WA.05-26-10  02:06 pm
Normandy Slide ShowTom McKnight05-26-10  12:20 am
A Prayer for the GulfJohn Civick05-25-10  07:44 pm
600 museums offer free admission to militaryMarea B05-25-10  01:56 am
Military Deals and DiscountsMartha Fralia 05-24-10  09:21 pm
3-1-1 Rule for Space A flights?Lisa Damiano05-24-10  03:48 pm
Kudos To US Army Health Clinic, Grafenwoehr, GE Bob Dart05-23-10  10:38 pm
WestpointThomas Muir05-23-10  03:08 pm
Home Depot’s corporate military discount policy Pat Horner05-23-10  04:55 am
Nice gestureLarry Cranford05-23-10  02:22 am
Pleasant Surprise in Tullahouma TNRoger Curry05-22-10  06:52 pm
McGuire Flight KitchenDiane Rasulis05-22-10  12:25 pm
Link to SPATs Cruise AlbumRoger Curry05-22-10  11:48 am
Automate flight schedule postings - a fantasy...Roger Curry05-22-10  02:34 am
Venta La Rufana - Puerto Santa María, SpainTony Cabrera05-21-10  08:38 am
Permit required for travel to Prague?Martha Fralia 05-20-10  07:04 pm
Impact of Repeated DeploymentsRoger Johnson05-20-10  05:26 pm
Retiree oconusEarl05-20-10  04:37 pm
Great German Food at RamsteinBob Dart10 05-20-10  03:04 pm
A message from HQ Bill Mc Carthy05-19-10  11:21 pm
Schenker FarmsDirk Pepperd05-19-10  10:15 pm
How do IJohn D.05-19-10  05:44 pm
No Last Category Moved Data for Jax NASJames H. Coppens05-19-10  11:26 am
Couchsurfing?Charles Elison05-19-10  10:47 am
American A/L baggage chargeTed Lamb26 05-19-10  04:19 am
AP Exclusive: Social Security needs small 'tweaks'John David Brooks05-18-10  07:02 am
Travel TipRoger T. Evans05-17-10  06:12 am
Commerical Eatery at the former Kelly AFBBill Docekal05-16-10  02:06 pm
Some tips for travelersJeffrey G. Carlen05-16-10  03:05 am
Strike at Boeing C-17 Plant may end programLarry W. Carnes05-15-10  05:03 pm
Barcelona Hotel suggestions?Lois Webb05-15-10  10:59 am
DFW AreaPhil Doubleman05-15-10  02:55 am
Southwest to fly out of CharlestonJoseph Knight Jr.05-15-10  01:26 am
Unlocked Cell Phone and Sims Cards in UKBill Terry05-14-10  06:04 pm
Hot Deal to New ZealandChristi Meyer05-14-10  04:09 pm
FAX Space-a SignupsMartha Fralia 05-12-10  05:19 pm
Camp Atterbury Cabins, IndianaJames C. McCants05-12-10  02:51 pm
VA revises health benefits applicationCherry C.05-12-10  11:43 am
Touring JapanDoyle L. McGaha Jr16 05-12-10  11:12 am
Konossos, archeol museo,& ancient Santorini vulcanoBob radar05-11-10  01:13 am
GrandchildrenJohn David Brooks05-10-10  10:45 pm
Worthwhile travel e-letterJim D05-10-10  08:58 pm
Hickam breaks ground on F-22 facilityJohn Fleming05-10-10  10:56 am
Off topic threadJohn D.05-10-10  03:37 am
One more questionD.B.M UK13 05-10-10  03:30 am
Long Term Parking for BWIRobert V Jones05-10-10  01:18 am
Can I fuss for a minute??? Dakota Ray24 05-09-10  11:52 pm
New Video WidgetDirk Pepperd05-09-10  08:26 pm
PLEASE READ - Purpose of the Off Topic ForumJohn David Brooks05-09-10  08:22 pm
Chief of Naval Operations - CNO- and other thoughtsJim Hunt05-09-10  06:08 pm
Where is RickenbackerD.B.M UK05-09-10  05:15 pm
Top officers urge higher TRICARE feesTed Lamb31 05-09-10  03:57 pm
Japan relents (for now) on Okinawa baseed williamson05-09-10  11:29 am
F 22 Raptor at the Farnborough Air ShowJohn David Brooks05-09-10  03:23 am
Happy Mother Dayrinaldo05-09-10  02:14 am
Travel within IsraelAlan H. Sherman05-08-10  08:24 pm
Property tax exemption for vetsBill Gast15 05-08-10  05:45 pm
Watch the "Debt Commission" Closely!Richard G Cooper17 05-08-10  05:44 pm
Possibility of new MWR Facility?DeeDee Clarke05-08-10  04:07 pm
Military lodging in PortugalJohn D.05-08-10  04:04 pm
GM offering discounts to retirees this monthAmy S05-08-10  12:04 am
Fabulous Carry on/PurseEdgar Inocentes14 05-07-10  09:44 pm
Dollar Stronger Today (Thursday)John R Garrison11 05-07-10  08:06 pm
New Wife..........Space A Anthony W Wojcik05-07-10  12:35 pm
Travel from Ramstein to Paris, Normandy and ProvenceAlan H. Sherman05-07-10  08:33 am
NYCjohn j ryan05-07-10  12:57 am
Space A TravelerCarter L. Ransom05-06-10  11:39 pm
Hotels in CopenhagenBeverly Peloquin05-06-10  11:29 pm
FINDING TOILETSJeffrey G. Carlen13 05-06-10  02:24 am
NAS Key West - Marina?Jim Smuckatelli05-05-10  10:58 pm
Medical questionBen Powell05-05-10  12:06 am
Cabelas Military dsicountJim Smuckatelli05-04-10  09:41 pm
Hotelsdinotars05-03-10  06:06 pm
Home exchangeMike Spengel05-03-10  04:39 pm
Dover heads upD.B.M UK05-03-10  04:15 pm 15% code for 5/1-5/5/2010R Schoon05-02-10  06:55 pm
Australia InformationRichard Vohsberg22 05-02-10  05:18 pm
Access to .milRichard Vohsberg05-02-10  04:06 pm
Up to 25 exposed to hazardous liquid at Utah baseJohn D.05-02-10  02:23 pm
VAT increase in SpainG. Wayne Ragan05-02-10  05:54 am
Better way to safely store passwordsLewis Hedgpeth05-01-10  06:55 pm
Information for VeteransJim H05-01-10  01:07 pm
1-800-TELL-MED. Hartje04-30-10  05:04 pm
Offering refuge to stranded SPATs?Danny Hamilton41 04-30-10  02:10 am
Train From Singapore To Bangkokmike~p04-30-10  01:32 am
Hey, Inga, food shopping coming upInga Aleman04-29-10  07:49 am
New AF dining program opens doors for retireesdinotars04-29-10  12:47 am
Dirk Graduates from the University of PhoenixJesse Hinson19 04-27-10  04:08 pm
TANGIER GUIDE INFOChristi Meyer04-27-10  03:06 pm
Survivors Benefit (re: Retirement)?Nick Fuhs58 04-27-10  01:41 pm
Loss of a Space A MemberAmy S04-26-10  06:33 pm
Bed and Breakfast in ScotlandRonald J. Rudmann04-26-10  05:19 pm
New routes on budget airlines for summer 2010Denny Knott04-26-10  03:14 am
Any golfers out there?FHYL11 04-26-10  02:20 am
Has anyone toured Easy Company sites in Benelux?Barry Cantor15 04-26-10  12:50 am
How to get on a flt at a civilian Air PortWilliam Dimsdale04-25-10  09:18 pm
Switzerland LodgingMelinda Birck04-25-10  07:57 pm
Visiting PanamaTony Cabrera25 04-25-10  07:26 am
BFB 2011 Date....27-30 JAN?Bill Ward04-25-10  01:41 am
Anderson AFBJohn David Brooks15 04-24-10  10:47 pm
Question About Widows of Military Retirees Martin V Smith04-24-10  10:34 pm
Calling cards ukCarole G04-24-10  10:07 pm
Lew Wirf's EmailJack T. Paxton04-24-10  08:17 pm
Andersen AFB(UAM)dinotars04-24-10  07:20 pm
Just a SuggestionHale Lait04-24-10  04:02 pm
Peeps?D.B.M UK04-24-10  01:25 pm
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS LINK (For History Nuts)Walt in Tacoma WA.04-24-10  01:15 pm
Army recordsJohn David Brooks04-23-10  06:47 pm
Qantas fare sale to Australia & New ZealandCherry C.04-23-10  06:14 pm
Videos about AMC, starting with medevacsBill Terry04-23-10  12:05 am
Zulu timeLarry Cranford22 04-21-10  11:13 pm
Marines revise order on retiree guest access in Japanmike~p04-21-10  06:33 pm
Good opportunity for anyone who is stranded in SpainEarl04-21-10  06:12 pm
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