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Problems with Space-a Message Board » Problems with Space-a Message Board  

 This area is open for everyone to post their problems with the message board.

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New Platform QuestionMike W41 06-24-10  01:12 am
Why am I having trouble logging in to the new site?John D.11 06-23-10  03:50 pm
Log in will not work in ArchiveJim Hunt06-20-10  06:55 pm
All the forums in LatinJohn D.06-20-10  01:23 pm
Trip ReportJerry Hunt17 06-20-10  11:36 am
Posting DateRoss L06-18-10  03:07 pm
Can't be verified in new forumxLoadmaster,M.Lewis06-18-10  01:52 am
Posting from Microsoft Word.John B05-29-10  11:47 pm
McConnell AFBJohn D.05-11-10  04:04 pm
Too Quick to Archive Flight Schedule InformationBill Ward11 05-11-10  03:45 am
S&S 2010 Bill Mc Carthy05-08-10  11:35 am
Having trouble postingJohn D.05-05-10  03:07 pm
Is this forum upside down?!?!D.B.M UK05-02-10  06:49 am
Suggestions for Board ImprovementsJohn D.05-01-10  06:56 pm
Space a sign-updinotars12 04-30-10  08:40 pm
Space a sign updinotars04-29-10  09:46 pm
Login Space A Board from another computerD.B.M UK04-20-10  04:42 pm
Log In Problems dinotars04-15-10  08:34 pm
FLIGHT SCHEDULE POSTING OF EARLY APRIL MISSINGmanuel j menchaca04-14-10  10:44 pm
How to get a flightJohn D.04-09-10  07:08 am
Error 404dinotars04-09-10  03:42 am
DELEATING RECENT POST, John D.04-08-10  04:57 am
Logout Chat messages being forwardedJohn D.04-04-10  06:40 pm
Log in problemmikecolligan03-24-10  04:19 pm
Posting a Trip ReportHarold J. Saling, Jr03-22-10  12:41 am
Chat RoomJerry Hunt03-13-10  10:17 pm
TravelingEastdinotars03-13-10  07:40 pm
Vacation ICON for the Rhine Valley Does Not WorkKenneth 03-10-10  02:50 pm
Server Login ErrorDirk Pepperd02-28-10  10:27 pm
This statement (copied from your "Must Read") stills needs editoria...Fred Tillman02-28-10  12:23 pm
Back button when using Google Chrome browserRoy Evrard02-23-10  02:52 pm
404 error solution?michelle k bayley02-23-10  10:54 am
Chat Room sign-in ProblemJohn D.02-21-10  04:29 am
Search functionJohn D.02-19-10  03:37 am
Can't access John Ds locations for the PacificBob Dart02-14-10  11:09 pm
Are they equipment codes?Roy S. Lamberton01-29-10  01:00 pm
Scgiwrap: Caller must be the nobody userDirk Pepperd01-28-10  12:45 am
Unable to Post and Get and ErrorDirk Pepperd01-26-10  09:58 pm
Chat RoomTerrence S. Carr01-26-10  07:07 am
Run Time ErrorJohn D.01-24-10  06:56 am
Terminal MapJohn D.01-22-10  03:42 am
Last Category MovedPhil Doubleman01-20-10  07:13 pm
Iwakuni Space-A PageJohn D.01-14-10  03:48 am
Will not accept trip reportJames H. Coppens12-27-09  09:11 am
McGuire-Manila Trip report not accepted.James H. Coppens12-23-09  01:04 am
McChord will not accept the sign upJohn D.12-13-09  05:06 am
Can't Post Trip ReportJack Wanless 12-12-09  06:37 pm
Test kindleJohn D.12-12-09  09:19 am
John D's Space-a Pages John D.18 11-26-09  03:32 pm
Website doesn't openJohn McClellan11 11-23-09  12:33 pm
Traveling with Pets ?John D.11-20-09  07:03 pm
Thread Column Wraps TextDirk Pepperd11-15-09  07:32 pm
Internal server error 0410 EDTJohn D.11-15-09  06:34 am
BWI November (or for that matter any month )scheduleJohn McClellan10-30-09  04:13 pm
Profile InformationWanda Seals10-30-09  03:49 pm
Ramstein stalled since 23 OctJohn D.10-27-09  11:12 am
Space A Sign upDouglas Sharkey10-25-09  04:26 pm
Hellodinotars10-14-09  01:48 am
Chatroom ... how to get in...Gordon H Bowen10-11-09  04:35 pm
Sign in and passwordJohn McClellan10-01-09  06:28 pm
Internal Server ErrorTom DeMicke10 09-29-09  08:09 am
Real message?Dirk Pepperd09-25-09  07:18 pm
Sign in problems.John D.09-25-09  06:20 pm
How does one log off?Charles Snyder09-18-09  07:36 pm
Off Line Messages to Spam Folder on YahooWanda Seals09-14-09  05:07 am
Posting messagesJohn D.09-13-09  03:35 pm
NAS JRB FT. WORTHD.B.M UK09-11-09  06:40 pm
Posting difficultyNancy Melton09-11-09  12:09 am
NAS JRB FT. WORTHbobby netrow09-10-09  07:30 pm
Phishing Attack NotificationDirk Pepperd09-09-09  01:56 am
Fort Worth JRB web siteJohn D.09-08-09  03:45 am
Current flight schedulesJohn D.09-07-09  06:33 pm
Posting toJohn D.09-05-09  06:33 pm
Rota Posting Temporary Volunteerdinotars09-04-09  06:29 pm
Probably a Trojan HorseEric Eno08-30-09  11:33 am
Are profiles locked?payumomt08-29-09  11:59 am
Won't say it is a Message problem, butD.B.M UK15 08-29-09  06:32 am
Can't get into TopicsJohn D.08-25-09  04:41 pm
E-mail confirmationdinotars08-20-09  08:09 pm
Posts being edited / deletedjayme newell08-12-09  04:56 am
Alphabetical order??Cherry C.08-04-09  11:52 am
Am I missing somethingJohn D.07-28-09  07:21 pm
John D's Spacea Pages Are DownHarrison L Aten07-28-09  06:19 pm
Red Bandana...........John D.07-24-09  07:53 pm
Sign up not working for PDA/iPodJohn D.11 07-22-09  05:19 pm
Space A sign up issuesJohn D.07-19-09  07:15 am
I tried to sign upJohn D.07-14-09  07:10 pm
Recommended PostsChuck D07-07-09  05:03 pm
Incomplete StatementFred Tillman07-07-09  04:39 pm
Please delete my postwalter 07-06-09  06:25 pm
Am I locked out for some reason?John D.07-03-09  05:11 am
Still tryingREDLEG07-03-09  03:04 am
I cannot post.REDLEG07-03-09  02:58 am
SPACE A SIGNUP - NOT WORKINGRob G11 06-22-09  01:24 pm
Can't post to Trip ReportsIrwin Rovner06-19-09  12:33 am
Where did it go?Bill Ward06-05-09  04:24 pm
New thread indicatorD.B.M UK06-01-09  06:00 am
Board not directly available via its URL? D.B.M UK05-31-09  06:41 am
AdvertizingFred Tillman05-26-09  06:32 pm
Space A threadJohn D.05-18-09  09:29 pm
Unable to Paste Text into New PostJohn D.10 05-15-09  07:41 pm
Internal Sever ErrorWanda Seals12 05-08-09  12:16 am
Current Flight InformationJohn D.10 04-22-09  03:29 pm
PhilippinesCherry C.04-20-09  10:17 am
Log in 'glitch'?D.B.M UK04-18-09  03:12 pm
Deleting Postsdinotars04-16-09  08:50 pm
Why are some people RUDE on the board?Jack Doshier04-04-09  01:29 am
Japan Stampsdinotars03-30-09  12:07 am
Message Numberdinotars03-24-09  08:11 pm
Login? Where is it?????John D.03-14-09  12:27 pm
Parking at NAS Jacksonville and BWIdinotars03-14-09  12:06 pm
Suggestion: General Space-a Forum dinotars02-26-09  02:03 pm
Understanding the board,comment. albert02-25-09  03:18 pm
How did "Barefoot Bar 2009" get moved to the top spot?Dirk Pepperd02-24-09  10:02 am
Looking for the box lunch linkBill Mathews02-22-09  08:08 pm
New Ad for Rhine ApartmentElaine G02-21-09  10:17 pm
Can I do a 1 wk Space A trip to anywhere? Cherry C.01-24-09  12:19 am
"Authorization" now required just to READ?Fred Tillman16 01-17-09  02:10 pm
Listing form for flightsJerry Hunt01-16-09  10:15 pm
BFBRob G01-08-09  08:56 pm
Hale Koa link on JohnD.'s Space-A FAQJohn D.12-11-08  03:37 pm
Space a to turkeyJohn D.11-22-08  08:09 pm
Profile reset?Beverly Mullenix11-12-08  07:45 pm
BROKEN LINK - current flight schedule roster. Roseann Cook11-02-08  04:58 pm
Alternate Poster for flight scheduleGlenn Gearhard10-19-08  09:47 pm
Travel to BangkokJohn D.10-10-08  04:23 pm
Error Message when attempting to confirm sign-upRobert C Atkins10-05-08  03:54 pm
Unable to log on "General space-a forum?John D.09-26-08  07:28 pm
Cannot access flight schedulesCherry C.09-25-08  01:21 am
Problems with Bellsouth/ATT email serverJohn D.09-18-08  03:47 pm
Time displayedJohn D.09-16-08  11:05 pm
Good News - Bad NewsDakota Ray12 09-16-08  02:05 am
Friend Can't Re-RegisterArthur L. Napolin09-14-08  09:18 pm
Big No NoRosie Goulet09-08-08  11:37 pm
Space A sign upRob G09-01-08  03:59 pm
If you registered in the last week you may need to reregisterJohn D.08-31-08  09:44 pm
New MembershipJohn D.08-26-08  09:20 pm
Ramstein Lodging NumberJohn D.08-22-08  01:40 pm
Problem with Thread Posting NumbersBill Mathews19 08-17-08  04:28 pm
Incorrect post numberDirk Pepperd08-17-08  03:30 am
A Message for Don WestDirk Pepperd08-16-08  07:43 pm
Message posted even with 'denial' screenBryan13 08-14-08  12:52 am
RECEIVED THE BELOW ERROR MESSAGEEdward G. Pinette08-12-08  05:29 pm
Login problemDirk Pepperd08-12-08  09:58 am
Previous months flight scheduleD.B.M Uk08-11-08  04:59 pm
Space-A- Signup pageEdward Hall08-08-08  02:07 pm
Flight scheduleJohn D.08-02-08  03:11 pm
Order of postsDirk Pepperd07-31-08  09:58 am
Waiting for Pepperd07-28-08  04:18 pm
Wright Patterson postingW. Cyzick11 07-28-08  03:28 pm
Links are not linkingJohn D.07-22-08  05:39 pm
Intermittent Problem... Cookies? Jack Wanless 07-19-08  07:53 am
Missing Scott postingsGerald C. Lutterman07-17-08  11:24 pm
Space A trip reportsneal floyd07-17-08  06:16 pm
RAMSTEIN DSN NUMBERJohn D.07-17-08  02:39 pm
Sign up problems at Ramsteindinotars07-16-08  09:45 pm
Andrews toll free number extentionJohn D.07-14-08  11:48 pm
Posting problemLorrie Walker16 07-02-08  06:43 pm
Dover flight infoBill Ward06-22-08  05:02 pm
Mac friendly?Dirk Pepperd06-17-08  12:07 pm
General Space-A Forum not accepting new threadsJohn D.06-14-08  02:26 pm
SpaceA SignupJack Doshier06-13-08  07:13 pm
sign-onFred Tillman06-07-08  11:22 pm
Off topic linkDirk Pepperd05-24-08  11:17 pm
Welcome Backtroy a. surratt05-24-08  03:20 am
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